If you want to visit Dolyna

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If you want to visit Dolyna

Повідомлення Lesya » 01.10.2006 19:18

IF you come to Dolyna you may enjoy a hotel service, food, friendly people, beautiful nature, historical churches.

A taxi service is cheap and great established. A car rental is not avialable in town. You can rent a car in Lviv. The roads are not perfect. Lviv is located 120 km from Dolyna but it takes 2,5 hours to get there.

I would recommend to use a taxi. Driving is very different and not easy. The traffic signs are mostly in Ukrainian except major highways.
I'm a good driver but I prefer to use a taxi while visiting Dolyna.

Talking about Lviv.. it's a wonderful place to stay for couple days. Look for pictures and visitors feedback on Internet (lviv, lvov, lwow, etc). It's safe and cheap if locals don't overcharge you. Unfortunatelly, it's common to overcharge English speaking tourists. Isn't the same story all over the world?

You have to address a few issues before travelling to Dolyna:
- Language issue. You won't be albe to communicate in English in shops, hotels and restaurants. It's popular for young people to learn languages. However, English is still not a language you can use everywhere.
There is Ukrainian-Canadian business centre in Dolyna (Vanya, can you please add a web link here). You will meet many people who can speak English fluently there.
- Visitor information. You won't find Dolyna's map or town information easily. There is no visitor center in town. That's another reason why you need a personal guide.
I will continue later..


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