Dolyna Culture

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Dolyna Culture

Повідомлення Familyman » 22.04.2007 18:45

I need some basic information about Dolyna that I would be able to include in our family history project. Are there any books, written in English that might be helpful? I have searched the internet and the closest that I have come to understanding what the culture was like in 1900 is a description found at ( ). It describes the town of Tovste, located in western Ukraine in a rural area bounded by the Dniester river to the west and its tributary, the Seret, to the east. Are they similar areas in terms of agriculture, population diversity, religious diversity and peasant life? Any suggestions? Are there contacts in Dolyna that might be interested in conversing with us?
Who is a contact in Dolina or Rachin that could do some family history research?


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