I'm searching Bielawski, Lachmanczuk, or Bojdunik family

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I'm searching Bielawski, Lachmanczuk, or Bojdunik family

Повідомлення barbaran » 09.09.2010 17:09

My mother was born here.
Her parents was from Dolina too. Antoni Bielawski (1920.05.10) and Stafania Bielawska (Bojdunik) (1907.11.26)
They had four childrens Anna, Marian, Eugenia, and Aleksandra
Antoni had two brothers Julian and Józef they all was married to Bojdunik sister's (Józefa and Anna)
Antoni was moved to poland in 1945, and Stefania join him with childrens in 1946.

I'm daughter of Anna she married Kazimierz Lachmanczuk and they live in Czciradz
i have two sisters Grazyna, Bronislawa, and one brother Wieslaw
I'm searching for my family, if you know something plz give me a sign


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